The Doctor Stephen Sanders Memorial Metaphysical Institute

Some free services offered by the Institute:

Simple, cartoony drawing of a cassette tape. There is a little loop of unspooled tape dripping out the bottom.

Mix Tapes

Get some tunes

Simple cartoony drawing of a man sitting cross-legged with downcast eyes. Standing next to him, a small imp with devil horns and a striped shirt/dress rolls their eyes.


Meditation Funnies and more

an indefinite article


Photograph of a tan building with a garden. It is a repurposed car shop and has two large garage doors on the left and a regular door and window on the right. The word `COUNTERPATH' is painted above the garage doors.

The East Colfax Free Bookstore

All the free books you can handle


Electric mail

Acoustic mail:

PO Box 200394
Denver CO 80220