Photograph of a tan building with a garden. It is a repurposed car shop and has two large garage doors on the left and a regular door and window on the right. The word `COUNTERPATH' is painted above the garage doors.

The East Colfax Free Bookstore

The Institute is pleased to support the East Colfax Free Bookstore at Counterpath press and community space, 7935 E 14th Av in Denver. Open every Friday 5-6, every Saturday 4-6, and sometimes during weekday business hours. Drop by and get all the free books you can carry away (we can give you a crate to help carry them).

Free Books for Prisoners

As time and funds allow, the East Colfax Free Bookstore is offering free books to prisoners. Please spread the word to any incarcerated people you know.

Prisoners: Please send titles/subjects of interest and the relevant rules of your institution to or PO Box 200394, Denver CO 80220. We will send back a list of available titles from which you may choose. (As always, please list alternates.)

An incomplete, inaccurate list of our stock